Top 5 Benefits of Donating Sperm with Fairfax Cryobank

When you become a sperm donor with Fairfax Cryobank, the top sperm bank in the US, not only are you helping families in need, but you are also earning up to $4000 over 6 months, a win-win! While there are many benefits when donating sperm with Fairfax Cryobank, the main benefit is to help families around the globe realize their dreams of creating a family. Your contribution towards their family-building dreams is truly cherished and appreciated. Beyond helping families, sperm donors are compensated up to $4000 over 6 months when actively donating. To learn more about the benefits of donating sperm, view our list below.

To learn more about the benefits of donating sperm, view our list below.

When donating sperm, you are helping families across the globe. You can directly help someone realize their dream of having a healthy, happy baby!
For 1-2 hours of flexible sperm donation appointments each week, you will be reimbursed for time and expenses, up to $1,000/month. On average, sperm donors get paid up to $4000 over 6 months and also receive incentives and bonuses over time.
During the sperm donor screening process, you will go through thorough health screenings, including genetic and infectious disease testing, and physical exams, at no cost to you.
You will have a better understanding of your own fertility, including specimen quality and sperm count, and motility when donating sperm.
You will be donating sperm for Fairfax Cryobank, the top source for donor sperm since 1986. We are an ethical company who is honored to play a part in family-building dreams.

Sperm Donation: A Flexible Side Hustle with Heart

Set your own schedule and get paid as a sperm donor in DC, Austin, Houston, LA, Miami, Minneapolis/St. Paul, or Philly

by Joey Manhein, Director of Production
March 26, 2021 Updated 1:58 p.m. ET

Looking for a side hustle gig with substance and flexibility? If you are a guy, between eighteen to thirty-nine years old, and would like to earn some money while changing lives, sperm donation may be just for you.

  • Myth

    You can walk in off the street and donate your sperm.

  • Fact

    You start by completing an online application at that asks for some basic demographic info, your and your family’s medical history, and some lifestyle questions.

  • Why?

    Would you want unscreened, untested donor gametes (sperm or eggs)? No! You would want to make sure that you were getting the best quality, best tested, genetically sound samples to help create a life.

Flex jobs in DC, Austin, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis / St. Paul, and Philadelphia

Curious how the flexible sperm donation program works? Donating sperm is not like donating blood or plasma, it takes a bit more screening to ensure that you’re a good candidate. Your family medical history is important because it will indicate any possible genetic or medical risks that would be inherited from you.

If your application is accepted, you will be invited to come to one of our sevenconvenient locations to provide a screening sample. We are looking for samples with high count and strong motility, so be sure to come in with at least 72 hours of sexual abstinence (time since your last ejaculate). Drink your water and get some sleep! All those things “they” tell you to do to be healthy help keep your swimmers healthy and happy too: eat your greens for iron and folic acid, do moderate exercise, drink water, keep your stress level low, etc.

Each of our sites offers different incentives during the screening process because we need to see two or three samples to ensure consistency and the ability of the sperm to survive the freeze/thaw process.

If your sperm samples look good, you are almost in! Just reviewing and signing a donor agreement, a physical exam, a blood draw, and a urine sample to go. We do infectious disease testing and genetic disease screening. You are also getting free wellness checks and free genetic screening. If everything comes back acceptable, you are in!

Set your own schedule as a sperm donor

Our sperm donation locations work with busy employees and students to work around your schedule! As a sperm donor, you have quick donation visits once to twice a week for at least six months and will be reimbursed for each visit. Donors are also reimbursed for blood draws and physicals appointments.

How much are sperm donors paid?

Most donors receive up to $4000+ in six-months. Each of our sites also offers incentives to our donors, like gift cards to local shops or restaurants, gas cards, Uber/Lyft gift cards, etc. We know that your donations are significant and will change lives for the better, so we aim to make your time in the donor program as positive and rewarding as possible for you. For those who want to earn more during their sperm donation side hustle, talk to your sperm bank team about our referral bonuses and ways to improve your specimen sample.

Though you may be feeling skeptical about sperm donation as a side hustle, I assure you, it beats most other options. Popular side hustles that don’t require much experience, like driving for Uber or Door Dash, take up so much time while paying so little. The average Uber driver makes around $54 per hour with tips, and the average Doordash driver makes around $19 per hour, not including tips. Those rates do not factor in the costs associated with driving like gas, tolls, and potential tickets. By becoming a sperm donor, you can make up to $125 per donation. We recommend you donate 1-2 times a week, which, depending on how far away you live from the donation site, takes no time at all. Donating is also easier than side hustles like drop shipping or affiliate marketing which requires experience in marketing and sales to make a profit.

At the end of the day, you need a side hustle that works with your schedule, not against it. While the initial process of becoming a sperm donor is a time investment, the result is a minor commitment that yields significant financial gain. I’m not going to mislead you and say that being a sperm donor is a super easy side hustle that yields massive amounts of cash right away, but I will say that with a little effort you can earn some money while helping someone’s dreams literally come to life!