Donating Sperm: The ultimate side hustle with heart

Beyond the monetary compensation and the free health screenings, some sperm donors are often unaware of the wide range of altruistic benefits to donating sperm! When you donate sperm, you are helping families around the globe make their dreams a reality.

Some sperm donors are purely motivated by monetary benefits while others get joy donating the gift of family to people in need. For some donors who have family or friends who are part of the LGBTQ+ community, or know people who have dealt with infertility, this is a wonderful way to give back and pay it forward.

First of all, a big thank you to Fairfax and our donor! I love my little family.

Types of families you help as sperm donor

To share the messages and photos of gratitude from happy recipients, we compiled a few real client testimonials, sharing the life changing impact of becoming a sperm donor.

LGBTQ+ Families

I am a single mother who tried for 3 years to get pregnant with several miscarries and negative results I started to give up hope. I said to myself I am strong and it’s on God’s time that I will conceive a child. Then finally. I got the news I was pregnant with not just one child but two. My eyes filled with excitement, but at 9 weeks I lost one of the babies. I knew at this time I had to stay strong and not stress as I was still pregnant with one child. I later found out was a boy…my little A’ little bundle of joy decided to enter this world 3 months early where we stayed in the hospital for 3.5 months with prayers and hope he survived now my little A’yden my bundle of joy will be 4 on Dec. 18 2020… I am a proud LGBTQ mother raising my son into a man.

I have encountered the greatest experience with Fairfax Cryobank. Maria, my domestic partner, and I decided to have a child. With the help of Fairfax and their commitment to us, we now have a beautiful four-year-old boy named Jayden. Jayden is the most precious thing that we have brought into this world. I believe that everyone will have a beautiful experience with Fairfax considering the loyalty and services they provided for me and my partner. We once again are preparing to have another little one. Thank you, Fairfax, for your services and guidance to help those bring life to this world.

Single Mothers By Choice

Becoming a mom has been a lifelong dream for me. For most of my life I envisioned myself following the standard ‘love, marriage, baby carriage’ narrative, but as I entered my thirties and still hadn’t found love, I decided to flip the script and have the baby first. I am forever grateful to Fairfax for helping me build my perfect little family.

I made a pact with myself that if I was single or not married by the time I was 36, I would go the donor route. It has always been a dream of mine to become a mother, more than anything. I have a motherly, caregiving instinct and wanted to have a baby to take care of and love. In terms of conceiving, it was a long, difficult road for me. After 4 unsuccessful IUI’s, I decided to have an IVF. My first IVF ended up a “chemical pregnancy” which was very heartbreaking to me. It was as though someone snatched my happiness away from me. I did not give up my dream, though! I went on to have another IVF. I was elated and on cloud nine when I found out that I was pregnant! I now have a healthy, beautiful baby girl named Hannah Marie. I want to thank my donor for becoming a donor, she is just the perfect bundle of joy!

Couples Struggling With Infertility

I want to thank Fairfax Cryobank, who has made an incredible difference in my life. I am now blessed with two children: boy/girl twins. I never thought I would be sitting here today as a mother of two toddlers. My life is wonderful. Thank you!

I became pregnant 10/25/05; I delivered my daughter on 06/01/06 at 34 weeks. I would like to thank all parties involved, especially my donor, for making this happen because my daughter is my miracle baby. I may try for baby number two when my donor’s sperm is available again.

Help diverse families in need of donor sperm

The current black sperm donor shortage means diverse donors are needed now more than ever.

Black sperm donors and donors of all ethnicities and backgrounds are in demand! As a sperm donor of color, you’re supporting the diverse family building dreams of our clients.

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