How BeASpermDonor Works in 3 Simple Steps

Apply online:

Complete the medical and social history application and submit. The Staff will contact youif you are eligible to continue screening.


Visit the clinic:

You will provide 3-4 semen samples over 3 weeks, complete an on-site interview and additional screening.


Physical and testing:

You will complete the infectious and disease screening. Once all results are received, you are in!

What Kind of Donor Will You Be?
  • Fairfax Cryobank Identity (ID) Option Donors:
    The ID Option program was designed to accommodate the desire of donors and donor conceived individuals to have contact. The program allows for registered Donor Insemination (DI) individuals to contact the Cryobank at the age of 18 or older, and request their donor’s contact information. The Cryobank will contact the donor to find out his preferred method of contact. We will share that contact information with the DI Offspring. We do not facilitate the actual contact, only the sharing of the donors contact information.
  • Australia ID Option Donor program:
    Men who choose to participate as ID Option donor can also choose to be a part of our exclusive Australia ID Option Donor program. Australia ID Option Donors are made availble to a limited number of Australian recipients. Participating in the Australia ID Option Program means you will be assisting to solve a global issue by helping someone on the other side of the world to build their family.
  • Fairfax Cryobank NonID Donors:
    The NonID Donor Program allows men to donate their sperm but keep their identity private. We will not release identifying information about the men who participate in the NonID Donor Program.

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