The Benefits of Becoming an Australia Program Donor

The Fairfax Cryobank Australia Sperm Donor Program is an exclusive program for prospective donors. The Australia program differs from the standard donor process in a few ways, including smaller 5-10 family limit in Australia, a counseling session, and generous reimbursement.

Family Limit

For prospective donors looking for a lower family birth limit than the standard program, the Australia donor program limits families to 5-10 in Australia only.

Counseling Session

Past Australia program donors found this incredibly helpful, with 83% saying the counseling session was a “positive experience” and the remaining 17% rating it as neutral.

Below are a few testimonials from donors who recently completed the counseling sessions.

The counselor was a terrific guy who made me feel secure in my decision to become a donor. He was also easy to talk with and knowledgeable.
22222 You can directly help someone realize their dream of having a healthy, happy baby!


The Australia Program donors earn generous reimbursement during the screening and donation timeframe.

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